Oracle Is Facing A Tough Time

Oracle Is Facing A Tough Time

Oracle Is Facing A Tough Time

Oracle Is Facing A Tough Time - 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

There's some potentially bad news for a lot of Oracle customers surfacing today, as it seems the company has fallen victim to a data breach. According to KrebsOnSecurity, the breach affected Oracle's MICROS division, which provides point-of-sale systems and support for many businesses around the world. In fact, the number of locations using MICROS around the world comes in at more than 330,000, spread across 180 different countries.

That makes MICROS one of the most used point-of-sale systems in the world. According to the KrebsOnSecurity report, the breach was considered to be small-scale at first, with anonymous sources claiming that what likely occurred was a single system became infected by malware before spreading that infection to other systems on Oracle's network.

Though Oracle is said to still be investigating the scale of the attack, here's the kicker about this report: a pair of unnamed sources told KrebsOnSecurity that the MICROS customer support portal was seen communicating with a server belonging to the Russain Carbanak Gang, which allegedly has a long and storied history with stealing money through attacks like these.

When discussing the systems that eventually became infected, Krebs' sources mentioned the ticketing system Oracle uses to help MICROS customers troubleshoot problems. These sources also claim that the hackers placed malicious code on the support portal itself, potentially making off with client usernames and passwords.

None of that has been confirmed yet, but Krebs said that Oracle didn't comment on the rumors directly, and we found the same when we got in touch with the company.

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