Identity Theft Turns its Mode to Pan Numbers

Identity Theft Turns its Mode to Pan Numbers

Identity Theft Turns its Mode to Pan Numbers

Identity Theft Turns its Mode to Pan Numbers - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

While various identity thefts became common incidents, misusage of Pan numbers has emerged as a principal branch of identity theft. The resources of these thefts are the new to people. As per the central Railway regulation, we need to provide our identity proof that will be displayed on the compartment wall along with the name and age. Even though we are aware of the identity theft, this new way of stealing our identity has not struck in our mind.


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How Pan Numbers Can Be Misutilised: The game begins here, while you are relaxed and enjoying your journey. After some days, it will come to your notice that your name is in the list of highest revenue paying less tax. Billions of transactions happened in your account, but you have paid less tax. Will you not be shocked by knowing this? Yes, this can happen to you tomorrow.

The real fact is that, criminals take the displayed information from the train, and with the help of latest technologies, they fix their photo with your information on the pan card and submit it as their identity proof. Usually, while doing transaction more than 2 million in jewellery shop, one needs to submit the his Pan Card as an identity proof, where criminals can use yours. Similarly, in banks, more than forty thousand rupees transactions in one day need identity proof that is Pan card. In such cases, your identity can be used. Consequently, you will be the culprit in front of Government as a non taxpayer, and it will cause of penalized.
So, instead of Pancard, show any identity proof like voter ID, driving license etc. to avoid your information to be misused by criminals.

Being cautious and smart in every walk in your life can save you from unnecessary headaches and penalties. Thefts, hacking, cyber crimes always grab our attention. But tomorrow you should not grab others’ attention being a victim. The smart way of being safe is to find out flaws that will give chance criminals to get in.

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